Here at Immersion, we partner with a local organization, Son's of Thunder Bootcamps to host Men's retreats. 

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You were made for a deeper sense of calling, mission, and a deeper walk with God. Jesus called James and John "Son's of Thunder" (Matt 3:17). He saw more in them than they saw in themselves. He sees more in you as well.  

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Men's Ministry Events

Sons of Thunder Men's Retreats are regional retreats, advanced retreats, and intensives for men who sense that they were made for a larger role in the story that God is telling than the one that they are currently living.  

These gatherings are a mix of experiences and sessions, designed to help you experience God more deeply as well find yourself in ways that perhaps you never have before.  God wanted to say something to the world about what He is like and Who He is, so he made you, His image bearer.  But mankind walked away from God long ago and much of that image has been ravaged, tainted and lost.  Jesus has made it His mission to "restore what has been lost".  Our retreats are about that.  

Men's Ministry Events