What is Immersion Church about?

Join our Lead Pastor, Garat Grant, in discovering what Immersion Church is all about.


     A long time ago I had two beautiful children. My plan was to live with them forever in joy, in beauty, in love…but that was taken from me, they were taken from me. My enemy and former friend convinced them that I was not good and they to me.              

     I swore I would have them back. My rage burns for my enemy and my passion for my children burns just as strong. So I made a plan to save my children from an eternity apart from me. I came to earth, under the cover of darkness – so my enemy would not find me.

     Behind enemy lines I came as a child and lived among all those that I loved. I knew what would need to be done-the price for life, was my life. BUT when you make the rules, you know how to win. My life for yours. That was the deal that was struck. My enemy was ready to bring the world to ruin. He thought that with my death he had won.   

     But I AM stronger than him. Whose might can compare with the Lion of Judah? The sound of my voice makes Hell tremble on it’s foundations. With my Father’s strength and love coursing through my being I triumphed over death and made it subject to MY WILL!  Now I offer life to everyone who will call on my name and live with me.

Those who find their life in me find the life they were made for.

~ Jesus Christ

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